Splish Splash it's a Mermaid Bash

Hey Guys!  So it's official, our little one has turned 5!  You know what that means, off to big school next year.  She has been waiting for this day since she could walk.  After years of visiting her father or me, when I was a teacher, at "our schools"  she is ecstatic to finally have a big school of her own.  She just has to wait a few months for Kindergarten to start. She says she would like it better if her mom was her teacher and her daddy was her principal.  Comical right? We will have to remind her of that when she gets older! I am sure her opinion on that will change. 

Large 5 Balloon

Happy Birthday Little One!

This year our little one wanted a big party.  Full of bounce houses and kids!  We have friends from prior to us moving, our new friends, and she wanted to invited her entire Pre-K class.  We were originally going to have it in our backyard so we could go all out with the decorations.  I mean we do have a slight obsession with all the cute inventory we carry.  If you ask my daughter what she is playing when she is upstairs alone, 90% off the time she is going to say she is throwing a birthday party for one of her dolls.  Plus, her favorite number is 5.  So, I agreed.  It really did not take much convincing.  Then I started pricing bounce houses.  Oh my, they cost as much as having her birthday party at one of the gymnastic gyms around us.  And with an indoor party you don't have to worry about the weather.  Which turns out was the perfect choice this year.  Y'all it was COLD. Some strange cold front blew through and we didn't even get up to the 70's.  We are in Texas, that is cold!  Like grab you hoodie cold. 

We ended up booking the party room at a cheer gym in Fort Worth and it was absolutely perfect. I love when parties are private and you don't have to share the room with the paying customers or another group of party goers.  The only bad part about having you party not at home is the setup time.  You literally have like 15 mins to throw together the entire party before everyone arrives.  Or if you are like my friends and family, you have like 5 mins because we are always early.  I am actually impressed with how everything turned out.  We had limited time so we went with a super fast setup that looked so cute.  The first thing we did was to take this turquoise colored paper and roll it out on all the tables.  There were more tables that I expected so we almost ran out.  But in the end we had enought for all the tables and the cake table.  Whew!  I just ordered a big roll off Amazon.  And at the end of the party you just fold it up and throw it away.  

Using the Gift Bags as table decorations turned out perfect.  It was super easy, we didn't have to spend additional money on decorations and you have to admit that shell gift bags are adorable, the colors are gorgeous, and they stand on their own.  They looked great! The birthday girl was in charge of setting out the bags and adding the confetti. Remember the time crunch and her love to throw parties?  It worked perfectly in her favor.  We used the neon confetti to add a fun punch of color.  The best part was that we only used one box!  Both tables were covered with it, as well as the dessert table, and we did not skimp! As you can see below. 

Mermaid Party Decorations Mermaid Shelly Party Favor Bags 


 Mermaid Party Favor Bag 

Neon Confetti

The dessert table was also a quick throw together.  We had a super fun cake made by Leah's Sweet Treats.  The colors turned out perfect and it was crazy delicious.  Okay, so I might not have gotten a taste but I was told it was delicious and I have had a sprinkle cake from them before. Yum!  We added our Mermaid Cake Topper on top.

Mermaid Cake Topper

Don't you love the holographic?  It just adds some extra glam.  The plates, napkins and forks have the same holographic flair as the cake topper. 

Mermaid Plates for Mermaid Party

Mermaid Shell Plates for Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Napkins

Mermaid Shell Napkins

Silver Forks


Have you guys seen the Mermaid Balloons in our store?  If it was up to my daughter she would have had them all at her party.  I let her choose one and we added our Pink Party Balloons and the Mermaid Party Balloons. Combining the two was great for our color combination.  It gave us touches of turquoise, pink, silver, and white.

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations Balloons 


Mermaid Balloon

Mermaid Balloon

Mermaid Balloon

Pink Balloons for Mermaid Party



15 minutes later setup was done!  It was time to watch the kids run around and have an absolute blast.  That is what I call a successful party and it was pretty darn cute. Oh, and the balloons would have been tied in similar shapes if I knew they would be decorations at the dessert table.  I was originally going to add one to each chair.  We just ran out of time! So, they are a tad bit crazy but the colors are gorgeous!  Next time I will know better, learn from my mistake!  

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 Cake: Leah's Sweet Treats

Cheer Gym: The Cheer Connection 

April 26, 2017 — Brandi Batten
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