Two for Tea, Tea Party Birthday Party

What is more precious than little girls and dolls?  Perhaps a dainty, floral tea party?

Tea Party


Tea Party


Isn't floral print just the sweetest?  And yes, that glitter Tea Party Banner above is available in our store.  We also have letter balloons. Have you guys checked them out?  You can spell your daughter's name in gold balloon letters.  Or, you could spell out Tea for Two.  So many possibilities.  

Our little one had so much fun dressing up her doll for this photo session.  So much so, that when we were finished she decided she needed to throw her doll a surprise birthday party. Let me tell you she went all out for the party.  She worked on the party decorations and setup for hours. She even made her a present and a birthday card.  Can you tell she is ready for her birthday party this weekend?   It won't be a tea party theme, we did that last year for her fourth birthday.   It was so cute watching all the little girls get dressed up and eating the dainty treats.  They didn't have tea to drink just pink lemonade, it seems to appeal more to the crowd, but my daughter would have loved a pitcher of sweet tea!  

We have several items you can choose from in our Tea Party Collection for your little one's upcoming birthday party but we just wanted to share with you a few things we used in the photo shoot.  

T ea Party

Tea for Two

Tea Party Tea For Two

Tea Party Floral Banner


This is the absolute perfect theme to have for a second birthday!  The first party is over  and that pressure is off.  Now it is time to enjoy your little one's personality.  Plus, you can include her favorite plush animal or dolly.  And all the pinks look super cute with the second birthday outfit below.  We have a few different birthday outfits in our shop to choose from, so make sure to take a look. 

Tea for Two Outfit

Tea Party Floral Quartz Tassel Banner


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Oh, and you can find this adorable dress from CheekyPlum 

April 18, 2017 — Brandi Batten
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