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Camping Birthday Party Ideas

Our house is under contract y'all. In the span of a week, we had our home listed, multiple offers, and an inspection done.  Whew!  At the rate things are going you would think we would be kicked to the curb soon, but we actually get to lease back our current home until the end of June. My husband is an assistant principal, so waiting until the school year is wrapped up should make life much easier on him.  Plus, our house shouldn't be finished until mid-June.  Oh, I hope it is built on time!

In the meantime, a camping we will go! 

The theme we put together works great for not only a camping birthday party, but also a woodland party or fishing birthday party.

Fishing Birthday Party


The wind rustling, the fire crackling, and of course s'mores.  There has to be s'mores! 

I love this theme because of all the outdoor games and activities.  No inside mess or fuss just good ol' backyard fun.  Pitch a few tents, create a backyard scavenger hunt, and grill up your kid's favorite treats.  Maybe a game or two of horse shoes or bean bag toss, a few campfire tales before the kids head home, and you have one memorable party. 

 Woodland Birthday Party

Of course, we also have coordinating food and activities on our A Camping We Will Go Pinterest Page for a Camping Birthday Party, a Woodland Birthday Party or a Fishing Birthday Party.

 Naked Cake Camping Birthday Party

 Like the Naked Cake?  Stay posted, that blog will be coming soon! 


April 06, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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