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Hi Guys!

I must admit life is getting real.  We are listing our house for sale this week.  Like right now.  Mixed emotions right? We are beyond excited to move it's just the whole moving/packing thing, and hoping to get a contract on our house thing, and hoping our house is built in time thing.  Goodness.

Okay so that is seriously enough stressing about that, let's move on to something less stressful, throwing a birthday party for your teenage daughter.  Ha, ha ha, right? I don't have a teenager I have a three year old, but I can imagine it could be a tad bit more stressful than moving. Anyone with me? A teenager birthday party seems crazy difficult to plan.

I might have had a few girls I know, not going to say any names, in mind when I staged this week's party.  Teenage girls and even the pre-teens want to celebrate but they for sure don't want to be embarrassed.  Just forget about a generic happy birthday cake & balloons, those just won't cut it.  No worries frazzled mom we have a selfie party for you. Yes, you read that right a selfie party for your selfie queen.  Now that is better!  I just adore these fun Instagram party ideas, below, from NoBiggie and Kara's Party Ideas

Teenager Birthday Party  Teenager Party


And our almost 3 foot tall number balloons from Northstar are sure to be a hit, just add a few of our tissue tassels to the balloon string for a fun, glam, unique birthday party look. These ideas will work great for a Pre-Teen Birthday Party, Teenage Birthday Party, Sweet 16 Birthday, or even a fun Graduation Party.

Make sure to check out our Pinterest Page for so many more fun Selfie Party Ideas and we have created a Super Cute Dream Party Kit that goes great.   

March 29, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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