How To Trendy Naked Cakes

The perfect cake for the hot, hot summer!  I live in Texas, we know hot and these Naked Cakes are great for the warmer weather.  You don't have to worry about all the icing on your cake running plus they are super cute and super trendy.

If you know me, you know I am not much of a cake maker.  Cookie? Oh, yes!  Brownies? Of, course! Cakes not so much.  When you add in the icing, I know a mess is about to happen.

When my best gal pal suggested trying out some naked cakes and having our little ones assist,  I said, "Great idea"!  I mean why not.  With two adults and three littles under the age of 4, we should at least get some interesting pictures.  

Naked Cake Making

So, Bestie let the girls pick the type of cake, and drum-roll please, they choose Rainbow! So, Rainbow Naked Cakes it is, yay! So colorful, so cheerful, so much more work than a single color cake!  

Rainbow Naked Cakes

I must say the girls were amazing, they were even able to learn about mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.  Their moms are teachers, there will always be a learning opportunity. 

Rainbow Naked Cakes

 Poor Kids!  So, they looked beautiful going in and then disaster! Lumpy Naked Cakes anyone? Wait for it...

Rainbow Naked Cakes
and after letting them cool.  They actually look better than expected.  And then we tried to get them out of their pan.
Rainbow Cake
 Oh, man!  We were on a roll but the girls sure didn't mind.  We gave them a can of icing, moved them outdoors, and told them to go for it!  So much for naked cakes!  More like a little girls rainbow and icing cake heaven.  

On to the second try.  The hubby braved the backyard with the three little ones while we tried again.  Guess what, we did it!  Naked Cake Success! The bestie did the icing, I knew better than to try that one.

 Camping Naked Cake

Don't the cakes look great with our camping party theme?


All we did was pour the batter into two pans, let cool, slice off the top to level them, and add the icing.  Bestie spread the icing on the bottom layer, added the top piece, and then squeezed the icing, using a baggie, around the outside.  With this theme who cares if it isn't perfect, actually that makes it even more fun! 


Well that was an adventure. 

April 12, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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