Once upon a time there was a kid who dreamed of having a party that was bigger, badder, and more rad than all the rest.  

The kid wanted action, danger,  and of course some really yummy cake, oh, and a few presents wouldn't hurt. 

That kid wanted a Superhero Super Party


What kid doesn't dream of soaring higher, doing the unimaginable, or coming to the rescue of his or her fellow man?  This is such a fun party theme.  You get the throw back colors along with some really fun activities you can plan at the party.  How about a superhero training academy?  You can tie up the bad guys, cross over the lava, knock down a wall, and avoiding the kryptonite.  All of these fun activities can be found on our Pinterest Superhero Board. 


 We do have a Superhero Party Kit Available to purchase or feel free to mix and match with our Superhero Collection. 

March 25, 2016 — Brandi Batten
Tags: Superhero