How To Glitter Easter Eggs

Well with Easter approaching like crazy fast.  Guys it is next weekend!  Can you believe that?  Easter should not be so close to Spring Break.  I need a few weeks in between to prep.  Whew!

So, like I was saying with Easter approaching so quickly and after pinning so many cute ideas on our Spring Fling board on Pinterest I knew that I had to try out the glitter Easter Eggs with my daughter.  She is three and loves anything sparkly.  

We keep our Easter Eggs from the previous years, so we don't have to shell out the cash for new ones each year.  Yes, I realize they are super cheap and yes I realize that I am now going to be spending the money on glitter, but I am okay with that.  So, we already had the eggs.  We like doing projects so we already had the glitter glue, we just needed to hit up our local craft store for some glitter.  We decided that outside would work best for this messy project and we crossed our fingers that it wouldn't be too windy.  

Wind + Glitter does not always equal the best results.  

Easter Eggs


I let my little one choose the egg colors and glitter colors.  They might not have been my choices but she had a blast and she was so proud of her choices.

 Painting Easter Eggs 

We painted one half at a time with the glitter glue, made a tremendous mess adding the glitter and then sat them aside to dry.  After we finished the first half, we just did the exact same on the second half.  

Easter Egg

Bonus, you can always blame the three year old for the giant glitter mess in your backyard.  Kidding! Actually, she was quite a helper and we got it all swept up. Well, as much as you can with glitter. 

Easter Eggs

We just adore our finished eggs. #sprinklesomehappiness 

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March 17, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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