History is Important

We have to share our stories for the same reason that we have to take the time to study history.  If we want others to learn and not repeat the same mistakes, they have to hear our stories.  Change cannot happen until the world better understands our struggles.  I know I would not want anyone to go through my daily struggles, and I certainly don't want one of my daughters to go through what I have. 

You hear it loud and clear when you are growing up, how important it is to pick your life partner.  How you want someone who loves you unconditionally, who will be there for you no matter what, someone that is going to be a great life partner and a wonderful partner.

But how do you really know?

You only know what the person show you, and what if all they you show you is good? And what if you are type type of person who believes the best in people?  Always.  And what if that person turns out to be a liar and a manipulator?


Things don't end up so good for you.  And that is what needs to change.  This is what we need to learn from each other.  How to navigate a world full of dishonesty.  We should stand up for being kind and loving.  We should stand up for keeping promises.  We should want people to make good choices.  Good choices are the hard choices most of the time aren't they?  But God is so good to us and we should be so good to one another.  

July 30, 2021 — Brandi McDonald

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