Sharing Your Story

I have shared my story, bits and pieces, here and there to a handful of individuals.  I can see where it can be beneficial.  I have seen it help others, and make them not feel alone.  And that should be the reason, right?  If you can make on person feel not alone it is worth it, right?  

So, often we look at others like they have all the answers.  Or, we feel like we can't attend Sunday school class or bible study because everyone that does is perfect.  They don't understand you.  Maybe they don't.  But to tell you the truth, if they don't understand then you being part of their lives can only help them.  The best people to minster are those that understand pain and hardship.  It is hard to celebrate the good, if you have never seen the bad.  We need you.  All of you.  We need to hear from you, we need to know that we can handle what is going to be thrown as us.  We need to hear that life is hard and messy and not perfect.  We need to know it is okay to be sad and mad, and not have all the answers.  We have to know that we can survive all this with grace and maybe a bit of sass and style.  

I have my daily struggles.  You probably do too.  I want you to know that God can use those struggles to help others.  We will get to my story.  I will tell you how God helped me through some tough times. I might not have been able to see it at the time, but looking back it is crystal clear.  I still have tough times, I always will.  There will be times of incredible happiness, there will be times when I just want to hide from the world, and there will be times of doubt and anger.  I know we all want that perfect unattainable life, just keep in mind we all have struggles.  We shouldn't have to sit back and allow them to happen.  We should stand up for what we think is right, and we should be there to help one another.  

July 30, 2021 — Brandi McDonald

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