You are My Sunshine, Baby Shower or First Birthday Party

Summer Break has started in our household.  Next year we won't be so lucky, this year the little one was only in Pre-K so she gets a jump on summer fun.  We cannot wait to enjoy a little sunshine and days of playing outside in the water.  It is all too fitting that this is the week we share with you guys our sun plates and cloud napkins.  Who doesn't love a little sunshine in your life?

You are My Sunshine Plates

When we first saw these sun plates and cloud napkins a few months ago, we knew they would be a hit!  In fact we have had a hard time keeping them in stock.  We have seen some super adorable themes used with them, Camping Parties, Trolls Parties, Over the Rainbow, and the always popular You are My Sunshine. With the neon touches you could even throw a fun neon themed pool party! 

Cloud Napkins for Trolls Party, Unicorn Party, Rainbow Party

Can the Cloud Napkins be anymore precious?  You can mix these two fun items with a variety of cups and accessories to give your party different looks.

Neon Cups for You Are My Sunshine Party

Neon Confetti

Neon Tassels

Rainbow Cake Topper

Rainbow Tassel Banner

Rainbow Cups

Baby Balloon

Rainbow Candles

Rainbow Balloon

Rainbow Cup

Rainbow Unicorn Horns

We cannot wait to see how you style the sun plates and cloud napkins.  Make sure to use the #sprinklesomehappiness 

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May 23, 2017 — Brandi Batten