Woodland Fairy Party Theme

Woodland Fairy Party

This morning I went to drop off my daughter at pre-school.  Her big goal in the morning is to be the very first student at the school.  I have no clue why.  I mean I do love being on time and I absolutely dread being late.  Like knots in my stomach, but being the first one somewhere?  She doesn't get that from me and she certainly does not get that from her Dad.  

We usually arrive about 5 minutes before school starts and we sit in the parking lot until the door is unlocked. We go inside, sign in, and wait for her teacher to open the classroom door. Can we talk about the fact that we have to sign in?  I absolutely love her school and could not think of a better place for her to go to pre-school. The staff is wonderful, her teacher is a doll, and they do fun projects daily.  She is in love with the school.  But sign in? That's how you know we live in a small town.  When we lived in a much bigger town, just a few months ago, every school she went to had a secret door code to get inside the building, and then we had to use our fingerprints to actually check our child in and out.  

This morning we were not the first one there, we hit quite a bit of traffic on the way.  It's actually funny to think about.  Our town has less than 4,000 residents and I drive less than 3 miles to her school, but we pass the Elementary, Middle, and Junior High School on the way and traffic can get backed up.  I must say it is the most enjoyable traffic.  I am not in a hurry, we are already early, and the people here are so nice.  Everyone just waves at each other and stops in the road to let cars out of their driveway, or a school, or the gas station. It's my kind of driving.  Back to the point. The school was already opened when we got there so we just hurried inside.  We don't NEED to hurry she has 20 more minutes before she is late,  but she has got to get inside and see her teacher and the other kids.

So, after rushing in and dropping her off. Peace out Mom!  I start walking to my car and thinking about this blog post.  I am very excited about a fairy party.  I have been wanting to transform my daughter's playhouse into a fairy house and I think it would be a great theme for her birthday party in the spring.  My head is totally in the clouds,  but I do notice that there is now an empty parking spot next to my SUV and the GIANT truck parked next to me is gone.  I was thankful because it looked like a tough truck to back around, it took up quite a bit of space.  Little kids walking into pre-school and a giant truck to back around is not my ideal situation.  So I am quite happy, I open the door, jump inside, and hear laughing.  Like nervous laughing.  I am quite confused and a little panicked.  When I hear, "We must have the same vehicle", I turn around and see a woman pulling her kid out of a car seat.  Totally not my car.  But it looks just like it and is parked right next to mine.  Ha! Sorry lady, I truly did not mean to startle you this morning. How embarrassing.  It made me laugh and think of the time I was sitting up front and my husband was putting something in the trunk and a woman hopped right into the drivers seat of my SUV.  Awkward. That is what happens when you drive a vehicle that looks just like all the rest and you have party planning on your brain. 

Now that the embarrassing story is out of the way let's talk Woodland Fairy Party.  

Woodland Fairy Party Theme

Woodland Fairy Wooden Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Fairy Theme Party

Adorable right?  It's the mix of greenery and wood that makes this fairy party come across as sweet and dainty.  I know we mixed things up with the cups, plates and napkins.  We thought it gave it a very unique look. However, I do know that some of you prefer when it all matches.  Don't worry we added other items to the Fairy Collection including matching cups, napkins, and plates. 

Another reason to love this theme?  The fun that can be had! I love the idea of all the children getting to make their own fairy house.  I would set up a long table and have little wooden bird houses for all the kids.  Of course you need paint and glitter!  Or you could go with a fairy garden, and get little plants (real or plastic) and small rocks.

We talked about fairy wings from the Dollar Store during our Fall Butterfly Party Blog and they would be absolutely perfect for this party.  I would hang them on the back of the chairs to use as party decorations and after eating all the sweet treats the little girls, or boys, can put them on for the Fairy Games and take them home as a party favor.  How can you beat that for a dollar?  

Of course you guys know I put together a Pinterest Board full of Games, Cake Ideas, and Food.  Make sure you check it out when you start your fairy party planning.

Make Memories, Be Joyous, and Sprinkle Some Happiness!

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September 29, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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