Tutorial Tuesday: Uh Oh Sugar Cookies

We LOVE cream cheese icing in this house! We especially love fresh baked cookies with cream cheese icing that you cool off in the fridge for a bit.  The cookie is crazy soft and the icing is cold and tasty.  PERFECTION! When we were creating our Fairy Party, (Blog comes out Thursday as well as a Party Kit) I wanted to incorporate a fun activity for the kids to do that was also tasty to eat.  Now I don't like sprinkles at all, but kids do and they are so pretty and fun to work with.  So why not have the kids decorate their own sugar cookies.  I took to Amazon to purchase some cookie cutters.  I was searching for a wand, a fairy, a butterfly, or a flower to go with this week's woodland fairy theme.  What I found was that I could purchase 101 cookie cutters for the same price as just a small set.  And this large set has cookie cutters for EVERY Holiday.  Score! More cookies for us!  Plus, my little one loves helping out in the kitchen.  I could just picture us making Halloween Cookies, Christmas Sugar Cookies, Valentine White Chocolate Chip Cookies, you get the picture.  So a few clicks later on Amazon, and the cookie cutters are on the way.  

Here are our ingredients.  We purchased the roll of sugar cookie dough because we thought it would be fast and easy.  More on that later. 

Sugar Cookies  

Next, we rolled out the dough.  Here is where the problems began.  We don't have a roller. I kind of just assumed all kitchens should have a cutting board and a roller for cookies.  I didn't think of what our kitchen actually has and a roller is not on that list.  On to plan B, we just opened up the dough and smashed it down with our hands.  Problem solved.  The dough wasn't even sticky like I remember from making dough as a kid, you know when I lived in a house with an actual roller.   

 Cookie Making Station

Next I handed over the cookie cutters, we choose to use a shooting star and a butterfly cutter,  to my daughter.  She is familiar with cookie cutters from playing with play dough so I thought she knew what to do.  Again, uh oh.  I forgot to explain to her that you probably don't want to put your cookie cutter right in the middle of the dough.  You know over to the side would have been a bit easier to actually extract the shape from the dough. 

It is very difficult to get the dough from the cutting board to our pan, without it loosing its shape.  This is when I should have realized that things were not going in our favor.  Or maybe I should have realized that a few steps prior, but this is when I should have really realized that our cookies were not going to turn out the way we were hoping.  The dough was not firm enough to make shapes,  but we were having a good time and kept on baking.  

Look how cute the shapes look on our tray.  We couldn't wait to decorate the cookies.

We slide the tray in the oven and just a few minutes later we see GIANT COOKIES.  Well, that certainly wasn't part of the plan.  They are huge, I guess that means more icing?  

Cookie Decorating Station Birthday Party 

We spread on the icing, shake a few sprinkles on them, and guess what they are delicious!  

Sugar Cookies for Party

They might not have been the cutest, but they were darn tasty and we had fun. I would totally recommend a cookie decorating station at a birthday party but I don't think I would recommend our method of making those cookies.   Maybe next time we need to make our own dough? Ha!  I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog today and y'all all are having a great week.  Oh, and totally share with me any of your tips at how to make sugar cookies with cookie cutters, obviously we need some help.

Make Memories, Be Joyous, and of course Sprinkle Some Happiness!

Much Love,


September 27, 2016 — Brandi Batten