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'This is a Story About Happiness'

We are chatting about Trolls y'all! As soon as the Trolls soundtrack came out, I snagged a copy for my daughter.  I knew she would love this movie just because of the music.  Not to mention all the rainbows and glitter.  I mean those are three of her favorite things!  And we had the goal of making this the first movie she would stay at the movie theater until it ended. Goals y'all.  

The movie did not disappoint.  I half expected her to stand up and start singing and dancing in the middle of the movie theater.  In fact, she took her daddy to see the movie a few weeks later.


Rainbow Balloon

Over the past few weeks Trolls is our most searched term and I can see why.  It is such a fun party theme! All the colors, sparkles, confetti, and rainbows. Oh, my.  And we have you guys covered.  Check out all of our rainbow party supplies and decorations!

 Rainbow Plates for Troll or Trolls Themed Party

Rainbow Confetti Napkins for Troll Party

Rainbow Striped Cups for Trolls Themed Birthday Party

Cloud Napkins for Troll Themed Birthday Party

 Rainbow Balloons for Trolls Themed Party

As Poppy says, "There is always a bright side."  And these fun rainbow party supplies and decorations are going to make a bright statement! To view more items just visit our Troll Party Theme

 Of course, we have fun Troll party food ideas and Troll cakes on our Pinterest Page

Happy Troll Party Planning! #sprinklesomehappiness

February 28, 2017 — Brandi Batten
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