Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

This is a Party I've dreamt about for Years
Lemonade and Bake Stand

I saw the above picture when I was pregnant with my little one.  I thought it was just about the sweetest thing I had ever seen.  Isn't it darling?  I could image my little girl having the time of her life with one of these stands.  I have since seen many different versions, but TheGirlInspired was my first inspiration for a Pink Lemonade Party.  It is such a classic, fun theme for the great weather we are going to have over the next few months. You even have an excuse to build one of these stands, and think about all the fun that can be had after the party!  A party decoration that is reusable for play time in the backyard? That sounds just about perfect. Plus, what little girl doesn't look gorgeous in pink and yellow?  Just think of the fun outfits!  

When I stumbled across the Lemon Plates and Napkins last year, I knew they would be perfect for Pink Lemonade Parties this Spring! They are dainty, sweet, and the color pallet is just perfection! 

Lemon Plates and Napkins for a Pink Lemonade Party

Lemon Party

Items Pictured:

Pink Lemonade Party Supplies for a Pink Lemonade Birthday Party Theme

Just mix up a picture of delicious pink lemonade and add a few of these adorable lemon cookies we found on Pinterest 

Lemon Shaped Cookies

Or. perhaps you are more into whipping up a batch of lemon bars, or lemon sugar cookies?  Or even a lemon pie?  Who knew there were so many delicious lemon treats? You could even make lemon Popsicles.  We have a few more fun ideas on our Pinterest Page

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Pink Lemonade Birthday Party Supplies



March 08, 2017 — Brandi Batten
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