The Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess Pastel Ombre Party

We just got new stock in the store and we could not be more excited!  When I saw the Unicorn Party Balloon Set and the new Ombre Tableware I knew that they were soulmates. Okay so maybe not soulmates because I think the Mermaid Party Balloon Set is pretty spectacular and would also pair nicely with the Ombre Tableware.  Either way you can't go wrong, how can you not love this combo? 

Pastel Ombre Unicorn Princess Mermaid Party

We paired this party with a gorgeous Unicorn Dress from Olive Mae Clothing.  They are just on the other side of DFW from us and they have adorable clothes for your little munchkin.  We thought the colors looked just gorgeous together and a pastel ombre unicorn party sounded just magical. Did you guys know that Unicorn Parties are even more popular now then when we did our original Rainbow Unicorn Blog Post last Spring? I can see why, y'all they are adorable!  

Pastel Ombre Unicorn Mermaid Princess Party

What we love about our Pastel Ombre Party is that it will not only work beautifully for a Unicorn Party, but it works perfectly with many classic and trendy themes.  Can you image this setup for a Cinderella party?  I can just picture the gorgeous Cinderella-blue cake.  You could even forgo the Cinderella part and just make it a Princess Party.  

If you use our Mermaid Party Balloons with our Candy Tassel Banner you would have a beautiful Mermaid Party you could even add a few of our Pink Dolphin Balloons.

Even a dainty Tea Party would look beautiful with this mix of pastel ombre.  

Basically the problem I am seeing is there is way too many options to choose from. How do you guys ever pick a theme? 

Pastel Unicorn Birthday Party

Ombre Pastel Unicorn Dress 

Pastel Mermaid Party THeme

Our products have been featured on a few different blog posts.  You should check them out and be shocked and amazed by just how beautiful these parties are and snag a few ideas for planning your own. 

ForrestandJ did a remarkable job styling this Rainbow and Unicorn Party on 100 Cake-Let.  I could only dream of styling something so beautiful.

We haven't seen the end results of Oh So Beautiful Paper's Rainbow and Unicorn Party but by the looks of the Style Board we can only assume it was amazing. 

Make sure to tag your parties with #sprinklesomehappiness we will be showing off customer's parties soon and would love to include yours!

Make Memories, Be Joyous, and Sprinkle Some Happiness!

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Pastel Unicorn Party
    October 13, 2016 — Brandi Batten