Paris is Always a Good Idea Except During a Snow Storm

Before having our daughter, my husband and I, planned a trip to Paris.  It was going to be our first European trip and we were so incredibly excited.  My husband used to be a high school football and baseball coach.  That meant he could never take off during the good time of the year to visit Paris, Spring or Fall.  Let me just quickly  mention that I am super happy that he is no longer a coach and if you have a coach in your life, thank the coach and his or her family.  Man, talk about sacrificing your life for your athletes.  We decided to go over Christmas break, we were both educators at the time, didn't have any children, and had a two week break.  Not to mention Christmas Lights  and Christmas Markets in Paris! Swoon! I can just taste those Candied Nuts.

I remember the day before we let out for Christmas break, I was a new teacher on campus at the time,  I was helping out the second grade teachers with getting their students in the car.  One of the teachers asked me what our plans were for the break and I got to respond with, "Oh, we are going to Paris." The entire time we planned the trip, I never let it fully sink in until that moment.  I was too excited and too worried about something going wrong.  I am actually getting a little sad typing this because we never got to go! We shopped for weeks before the trip.  We live in Texas, we don't have proper winter clothes! I mean what is Winter?  

We wake-up that morning, load up the car, and head to the airport.  When we arrive at the shuttle we realize that our flight is not listed.  Not delayed, it is just not listed!  Odd, right? If you know me, I am trying not to panic.  So as soon as we reach the airport we go to our Airline Ticket Counter to see what the delay is going to be and hope that it is not too long. Um, Paris is closed. What?  Like no flights are getting in.  They had a freak snow storm that shut down the city for several days.  I mentioned we were both educators, meaning not a lot of capital for a trip, so it was already a short trip.  We had only planned on staying in Paris for 4 nights.  We had two options, fly in 2 nights later and make it a 2 night trip or cancel the entire trip.  We could not justify the cost for two nights and we ended up canceling the entire trip.  What a blow!  By the following Christmas break, I was pregnant and you know how that goes.  We have never been to Paris. 

Maybe this is why I was always drawn to having a European themed room for my daughter.  We have the sweetest Eiffel Tower Picture, a few gorgeous pictures of Venice on her walls, and I have always loved a sweet Parisian black and pink themed party.  

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All the layers of patterns make this a lovely Paris Themed Birthday Party.  The Large Black Polka Dots, Mixed with Pink and Black Stripes and Small Black Polka Dots have me just swooning.  Add a few Eiffel towers are you are set!  Can you just image the food for this party? We have some adorable cakes, fun party food, and great games on our Pinterest Page to help with your party planning!  Can we just plan another trip to Paris, that we actually get to go on, like ASAP?

One more fun thing! Petals and Pixie Dust shared this adorable Poodle Paris Dress with us a few weeks ago, it's pretty cute isn't it? It would be an adorable outfit for your Paris Party! 

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Make Memories, Be Joyous, and Sprinkle Some Happiness!

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October 27, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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