New Year's Eve Already?

First, let me apologize. We are so doing this out of order!  We have not even done a single Christmas blog and we are breaking out the New Year's Eve.  Oh my Gosh!  

New Year's Eve Party Decorations

This was not on the schedule or part of the plan.  If you know me, you know I love my checklists and plans. But I have learned you can't do everything according to plans, you guys are already excited about New Year's Eve! Our products have been flying out the door.  I mean we don't blame you, how much fun are the New Year's Eve items?  We are talking about Confetti Push Pops and 'Pop Fizz Click' Napkins. Eek! Cue the Fun. We all know New Year's Eve Parties equal a touch of glam, a bit of elegance, and lots and lots of FUN! Plus we haven't quite gotten into the full on Christmas Spirit here. Decorated the Christmas Tree? Check!  Decorated the house? Check! When to Holiday in the Park? Check!  But the whole being in the 70's is really throwing off the Christmas-like feel.  Now you know me and warm weather,  I LOVE it.  If it could be in the 70's or 80's and sunny all year I would be one happy girl.  How can you not just adore love sunshine and playing outside? My house is 71 and I am FREEZING!  Like sweatshirt on and cuddled underneath a blanket.  I could never hang with you ladies up north.  But this weekend it is going to be COLD and rainy, which equals miserable, and we have all sorts of fun Christmas activities planned, so cue the Christmas spirit next week.  Until then, let's talk about New Year's Eve.  

New Year's Eve parties take on a whole new spin when you have a kid.  She is 4, you would think we have a handle on things now, oh but we don't.  We just moved, so we don't have our childhood friends and family right around the corner.  Does that mean we need to invite our new friends over?  Do they have yearly traditions? What if we send out a stack of invites and everyone already has plans? We don't want to drive far, so driving the 40 minutes back to our hometown is out of the question. Who wants to drive their kid around with all those people who have been celebrating a little too hard? Not us!  And do we really want our 4 year old to stay up until midnight?  Let me just tell you the answer to this one is NO!  But we totally will and pay for it for the next week! You parents know what I am talking about, right? So many decisions!

Let's chat about the fun stuff! What kind of fun New Year's Eve games do you guys play? I am always a fan of something crazy.  Have you ever tried any of the "Minute to Win It" games?  We have pinned a few on our Pinterest Page. They seem like a blast!  Oh and something else we are clueless about here, what time does everyone start a New Year's Eve party? They last all night!  You don't want to get started too early, right?

We absolutely cannot wait to see all the pictures you guys share.  Remember to use the #sprinklesomehappiness or you can tag us, or email us!

Are you New Year's Eve Party Ready?


New Year's Eve Party Decorations

New Year's Eve Party Decorations  New Year's Eve Party Decorations

 New Year's Eve Party Decorations


New Year's Eve Party Decorations

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November 30, 2016 — Brandi Batten