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This weekend the weather made it finally feel like December!  It was COLD and misty and well quite frankly miserable for this Texas girl.  I don't like needing to layer-up in my own house, or cuddle under a pile of blankets.  I find it makes me lazy.  Like I'm thirsty, but my water is on the other side of the room, so I would have to dig my body out from under this pile of blankets to get the water, kind of lazy.  Aside from the piles of clothing and blankets, we had a wonderful weekend!  

It started with a movie night with the girls up the road, while the husbands went to the high school playoff game at Cowboy Stadium.  The girls were adorable all squished on a coach watching Frosty while us mom's watched Gilmore Girls.  Can we just pause for a moment. I love Gilmore Girls!  My daughter has loved Luke since she was 2, so I was totally shocked when she decided this weekend to name a stuffed bear Christopher. She said it was named after Rory's dad and Christmas. Yet she doesn't have a single toy named Luke, we might have to chat about that in the future. She is also getting to the age where she can understand more, so we might have to take a 10 year break from Gilmore Girls. I know, it's tragic.  

Saturday we dragging ourselves, remember I get lazy when it's cold,  out of our nice warm beds and pj's to head to our church bright and early for pancakes with Santa. Since we are new to our town, we are also new to our church.  We don't really know what to expect when we attend all of their events.  But it never stops us from volunteering to help out! Some might call it insane, I like to think of us as being brave. It turned out to be a fun time.  So far we are 3-0 for volunteering for the unknown and it working out just fine! If you know my daughter, you know her love for food.  Not only did she polish off waffles, fruit, and a muffin before we went to the 9 am breakfast, but she also ate her plate of pancake and my husband's. Pancakes + Crafts + Santa = One Fun Morning for the little one. That evening we planned on going to a Christmas event in our city that night, but it was cold and misty and yucky and we didn't want to leave our nice cozy home.  We decided to stay home to play games and watch a Christmas movie.  You won't hear a complaint out of me on that one.  Guess we will check out the city festival next year, if it isn't cold and misty and yucky.  I think the problem is we aren't prepared in Texas for cold weather.  I don't have cute warm clothes.  I have sweats and I probably wore them yesterday and they are probably dirty, meaning I probably shouldn't pull them out of the hamper and wear them again. Right?

Sunday was all about Casa Manana.  Our daughter loves going to Casa Manana so much that when we picked her up from Sunday school her teachers knew all about where we would be going that afternoon.  Let me just tell you the Santa Claus musical was just precious. I could take her to Casa Manana just to hear her say Casa Manana, it is pretty comical.   It really was a fun weekend that brought the Christmas Cheer, but my questions is, so when is Christmas Break?  I am ready! 

But before we get to Christmas Break, we have Christmas Parties! I have already dropped off some cute Santa Plates and Reindeer Napkins at my daughter's school. I let her pick them out, it makes her so proud when the teacher pulls out the party goods she selected for the class party.  If you are still in need for Christmas Party Supplies for those upcoming School Christmas parties we have some left! Just use Promo Code ChristmasCheer this Wednesday- Friday for 20% off.  This will be the only sale we have on our Christmas Supplies & Decorations before Christmas so shop now! 

Merry Christmas Y'all

Much Love,


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 Merry Christmas Garland


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December 07, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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