Golds and Corals Fall Butterfly Party

Every party needs an inspiration.  

Fall Butterfly Party Decorations

When I think of my daughter, man, there are so many ideas that pop into my head.  She loves EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, she only has one party a year, which means only one theme.  So unfair right?  There are so many themes I would love to use. She is already four, so really that only gives me a few more years of throwing her sweet, magical parties. I know that this butterfly theme is right in her wheel house.  So, it might not be her turn for a birthday party but she did at least help me style this fall butterfly party.  She actually was able to help me punch out all the butterflies and placed them around the table.  Obviously if it was easy enough for her to help, you are going to rock this!  

The butterfly punch was purchased off of Amazon.  It is a Martha Stewart Punch and there are several different butterfly options to choose from.  I am pretty sure we will purchase a few more of these in our future.  It was just too easy! And, we just hit up a local craft store for the glitter paper.  By local, I mean we drove to Ft. Worth, our little city, with a population under 4,000, does not have it's own craft store.  Which is probably a good thing.  Oh, and be sure to grab a few glue dots while you are at the store so you can go to town sticking your adorable butterflies on EVERYTHING; tassel banners, balloons, cupcakes, gift bags, or even hot glue some butterflies to some floral to make a butterfly fairy crown.  How great would that be? 

Fall Butterfly Party Supplies

Oh, and do you have a dollar tree near you?  Again, not near us but when we are near one we always try to snag a pair of wings.  For a dollar they make a great party favor and bonus the girls can actually wear them around at the party!  What I also love about this fall butterfly theme is the simplistically of the games you can plan.  If you blow up balloons, keep them small, and scatter them around your party.  Not only do they look cute, but you can also get the girls nets to catch their "butterflies".  We can usually find some bug catching nets at the dollar tree, maybe add a few streamers on the end to make them a little more festive. 

Butterfly Tassel Banner

Okay Brandi, so why do you keep calling it a fall butterfly party?  Because of the colors you guys!  This is not the same butterfly party I think of in the spring.  As the leaves begin to change bringing out some pretty oranges and rust colors our sorbet tassel banner just looks perfect, with the mix of pinks, golds, and corals. Don't you think? 

You can check out our already styled for you, fall butterfly party kit or you can shop the coordinating items

Fall Butterfly Party Theme

Of course, we also found some killer snacks and a gorgeous butterfly cake to go with our butterfly theme.  Just go to our Pinterest page to check them out. 

Oh, and don't forget to use the #sprinklesomehappiness on Instagram so we can show off your butterfly parties! 




August 18, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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