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Win the Day! Fight On!  It's Game Day Folks!

Football Party


Go ahead and invite over the neighbors for your football get together.  Perhaps your little football star is dying for a football themed birthday party.  Or, maybe you just want to watch the game alone with your football plates and napkins.  No judgement here, we believe any reason is a reason to celebrate at Pixie Dust and you know we slightly love parties.

What we love about a football party is that it packs a big punch without costing you a ton! I mean you can throw this party at a local park or in your own backyard and your kids are going to have a blast.  We like decorating in neutral greens and browns so you can have the kids show up in their favorite football jersey!  

What makes this party easy? The food!  What you serve tailgating or buy at the concession stand is exactly what you can serve at this football themed birthday party. Hot dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Peanuts, you know all the regulars.  How easy!  Plus it's definitely a crowd pleaser for your football fans.  

What makes this party fun?  The games! Purchase enough bandannas for the kids, a football, and a hula hoop and you have hours of entertainment.  Have the kids show off their quarterback skills by throwing the football through the hula hoop.  Just line them up and they can each take a turn.  Everyone that makes the shot can move back 5 feet and try again.  Keep doing this until you have a winner!  If you have multiple footballs you can have the kids show off their catching skills.  Everyone grab a partner and line up like you would for an egg toss competition and the same rules apply.  If you miss the ball you are out.  Every team that makes a catch has to take a step back until one team is your winner.  And use the bandannas for a little backyard flag football action.  Just have the kids tuck a bandanna into the back of their shorts or pants and get the game started. Remember NO tackling! 

Easy and Fun?  Now that is a win in our book! 

And we didn't want to leave you guys hanging without some football appropriate party supplies.  What kind of party shop would we be?

So, let's oohh and ahh over the next few pictures and think of all the yummy goodness you can make at your football party.  Sliders anyone? Wings? Oh I know, dip!  How can you have a get-together without dip? Football party

Football Party Decorations

  Football theme party decoration

Football Decorations


And even better, earlier this week we gave you a great autumn trail mix recipe that you can throw together in two snaps to help tame a crowd. Have you tried it?

Football Trail Mix

Mmmm..tasty right?  

Make Memories, Be Joyous, and Sprinkle Some Happiness!

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September 15, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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