Baby Love Baby Shower

What is more darling than a new baby?  

I remember the baby shower my sweet friends threw for me.  Well, kind of, I was so busy trying to chat with everyone that took time out of their day to be there for me and my family.  I mean they really do take up a big chunk of time.  My friends had to take time our of their busy lives to shop for a baby shower present, wrap the present, and block off the time to come to the baby shower.  They at least deserved a few minutes of chat time and a big squeeze and before I knew it, the baby shower is over.  So, make sure you take a ton of pictures!  Oh, and can we talk about how uncomfortable it is to be so pregnant and reaching over to unwrap all the presents?  Helpful hint, sit in a comfy chair and have a sweet non-prego friend hand you the boxes and bags.  You won't get as tired and bonus you won't have those odd pictures with your face all twisted while you try to reach past your belly to that bag that is just out of reach. You know the one right over there...

Okay,  we are getting ahead of ourselves back to decorating for the baby shower. So, our Baby Love collection all started with this darling Tassel Banner from the Flair Exchange.


Pink and Silver Baby Shower Tassel Banner

Isn't it dreamy.  I can think of all sorts of themes to pair with this sweet tassel banner. In fact I might have to use if for a Fairy Birthday Party for my daughter in the spring.   So, I loved the colors and I loved how it just went so well with some of our word balloons from Northstar.  The best part, you self-inflate both of these balloon kits.  They really only take like a minute each.  

Baby Balloon

Love Balloon


And then we mixed them with the trendy silver metallics and darling light pink stripes to create a delicate but fun Baby Love, baby shower theme. 

Pink and Silver Baby Shower Decorations

 Pink and Silver Plates for Baby Shower

We have a kit ready for purchase or you can purchase the items individually. 


But of course, a party is not complete with out cakes and treats!  

These goodies we spotted on Pinterest.  Pink and Silver Baby Shower Invitation

How perfect are these baby shower invitations from BigMakDesigns on Etsy?


And can we all just give a collective sigh as we gaze at this cake.  We found it on the 100layercake website.  It is a display cake!  I am thinking a real one would be even prettier. 

Pink and Silver Baby Shower Cake


And, check out these centerpieces.  

Pink and Silver Baby Shower Centerpiece


The Etsy shop HalfPinkPMT that makes and sells these adorable bottles is currently on a break, if they don't come back soon I see a few DIY projects in our future. Oh, and make sure to check out our Baby Love page on Pinterest for more pink and silver baby shower ideas! 

Now, to add an embarrassing photo of myself at my baby shower.  

BB at Baby Shower




July 27, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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