Sparkle Like a Unicorn

My little one turns 4 this week and we are ready to celebrate!  Think Rainbows, Unicorns & Fun!

Rainbow Unicorn PartyRainbow Birthday Party Kit
Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party DecorationsThe bold rainbow colored party decorations make this such a fun hit!  We have put together two party kits to help with your planning.  The first kit is the Rainbow Party Kit, it just has all your basic necessities, you know rainbow cups, rainbow plates, rainbow wooden forks, confetti napkins, and bubble gum pink straws.  The second collection is the Sparkle Like a Unicorn Party Kit and it has it all!  It has all of the above items from the Rainbow Party Kit plus it adds rainbow wooden spoons, confetti, party favor bags, the rainbow banner, one large unicorn balloon, and 10 small unicorn balloons.  The small unicorn balloons make for some fun, adorable party favors for all of your guests.  We do have more available if you have a larger party size.  
Unicorn Balloon
This Unicorn Balloon has traveled all over the house with her this week. I am telling you it is the cutest thing and I highly recommend one for your little one.  We just took it to a grocery store and had it filled for less than $2.  I definitely learned we should buy her balloons more often. Plus, we have smaller versions that you can give as a birthday party favor.  Actually, I like using all of our character balloons as an addition to a birthday party gift.  They are super affordable, and super easy to inflate, no helium needed, and I just slip the stick into the gift bag with the cute balloon sticking out the top.  It takes very little effort for a huge result. 
Sprinkle Rainbow  Unicorn Bark
 Just Combine our Sparkle Like a Unicorn Collection with our fun Pinterest Ideas like these adorable treats  from Lemon Sugar, or the Unicorn Bark from  for an unforgettable rainbow + unicorn birthday party. 


Happy Birthday Little One!

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party



April 20, 2016 — Brandi Batten