Sweet Summertime Pineapple + Cactus

There is just so much going on right now with my sweet family.   My husband is winding down his first year as an Assistant Principal. Let me just brag on him for a minute, he rocked this past year.  We are so grateful he was able to find just the right job. It has allowed him to grow so much as a person and show what he is truly capable of, which of course would be greatness.  I have just a few days left of teaching before I am able to devote all my time to Pixie Dust.  Y'all, I am excited. Get ready for new products and new party themes.  Plus, we are going to start gearing up for the Fall/Winter Holidays. Can you tell that I am excited?  

Our house has been sold, whew, and we have been busy packing, double whew. We move to a new city in just a few weeks. We are moving away from our hometown, friends and family.  But we are moving closer to my husband's job, we will get to live close to one of his cousins, and we will be super close to Fort Worth.  We just love going to Fort Worth, the food, the fun, the zoo!   Plus, we won't be moving too far away. We are truly excited about this change and can't wait to find roots in our new town.

What I am most excited about, SUMMER!  Don't you just adore this time of year?  No alarms going off, no rush to get out the door, no school uniforms for our little one, just late nights, get-togethers, the hot hot sun, and some ice cold drinks. Have you seen our new koozies?  


Thirsty Cactus

Pineapple Koozie

I plan on using these all summer long.  They are going to be super cute at the lake, or to use for our trip to the coast, or heck even in our backyard!  Oh, man the backyard.  We are going to have to work super hard to get that ready.  The house we are leaving had a tree house when we moved in, it is adorable.  We are going to be so sad to leave it behind.  We will definitely be building a new swing-set over the next month.  Good thing my husband is super handy and I really do love building things.

Here are just a few items I will be dreaming about over the next week, just waiting for that last bell to ring, for the last checkout from my principal, and the a-okay for Summer Break to begin.  Sigh....just a few more days.

Summer Party Decorations




May 30, 2016 — Brandi Batten
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